Welcome to PICCSI

It is in looking for the wider benefits of Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) that North East England really stands out. As the most carbon intensive region in the UK because of the successful concentration of energy intensive industries, it generates the manufacturing wealth the UK needs. It also offers the opportunity to show how a concentration of industrial sources of carbon can be integrated into a low carbon future.

Leading process industry companies on Teesside have agreed to work together to determine the potential of an industrial Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) system. Working through the North East Process Industries Cluster (NEPIC), the new industry led group is known as PICCSI, the Process Industry Carbon Capture and Storage Initiative.

The Group has come together to progress the findings of influential studies by AMEC’s internationally recognised CCS centre of excellence based in the region. This confirms the opportunity to develop a world scale industrial network capturing over 20mtpa of Carbon and supporting steel and chemical manufacture long term. An economic assessment prepared by Element Energy & Carbon Counts shows how the network can be delivered and operated.

Leading regional businesses including BOC, Growhow, Huntsman, Lucite, & px Limited, along with other companies, are working together to identify how a CCS system could benefit their businesses going forward.

This Teesside based consortium is working to show that CCS is just as important to industrial producers of CO2 as it is to power generators and how it will be beneficial to link power generation CCS schemes to an industrial network, so that the cost of collection and disposal are shared.

Investment in an industrial CCS scheme, like that being promoted by the PICCSI group, will be a significant attractant to future industry as emission charges can be minimised.

Developing Opportunities

The linkage of industrial and power generation based CCS systems will bring new opportunities, new technologies and new jobs to the region. For example: